Our mission

To build products and services to help people do their best work.

Be yourself. Everyone is already taken.

This beautiful quote by Oscar Wilde aptly captures the spirit of Asmi.


We believe that the rise of gig economy has set the stage for a positive transformation of the world. These independent professionals and teams represent the freedom that every human should enjoy.

As the gig economy grows, there are and will be huge gaps that need to be filled in all areas from simple utilities for personal and professional aspects of life to how the society/economy works. We want to help accelerate this transformation.

Our current goal

To build an all-in-one service that lets creatives manage every aspect of their business except doing their core work (which is what they should be doing).

We are starting with a simple time tracking tool as our first step in this journey. Our goal is to build a complete platform for small and medium business.

Want to get involved?

Awesome! We are always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with passionate people.

Click on the chat icon below to talk to us or tweet to us. Prefer email? Contact us on hello@asmi.io.

Experience Asmi when we launch

We are racing to launch a private beta of Asmi as early as August 2020. Sign up now to get your hands on it as soon as we launch.

As a token of thank you, we are offering 50% discount ($4/user/month) on Pro plan for 1 year for all our early customers.

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Time tracking for a better you

What gets measured gets managed. Asmi quantifies your time and work to help you understand yourself, laying the foundation for your continuous improvement.
Experience a fresh take on freelance productivity.

That's awesome!

Where should we send the invite? We won't spam. Promise!

That's awesome!

Where should we send the invite? We won't spam. Promise!

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